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Neal Schrodetzki is an award winning writer and director, and co-founder of Time To Kill Productions. He grew up in Arizona, enlisted in the Army, and later served at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington, D.C. After being honorably discharged, he studied film at Arizona State University. 

In the rare occurrences when he's not making, watching, or quoting movies, Neal loves to surf, play chess, and read. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Time To Kill Productions was founded by Neal Schrodetzki and Ethan Morse, both were U.S. Army infantry paratroopers and served together at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

Their desire to tell meaningful stories and create original content began in 2006, after spending countless hours together as brothers in arms, honoring our nation's fallen heroes. 

Ethan Morse is an award winning producer who served in the U.S. Army, and earned badge #548 at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in 2006. Originally from New York, Ethan moved to Southern California after his military service to pursue his dreams.

Since moving to Orange County, he married Elizabeth Morse, produced in radio, television, and film, co-founded Time To Kill Productions, and currently drives a Ford Mustang GT to reach his dreams as fast as humanly possible.


A Solemn Promise

From director Richard Jellerson, this documentary showcases the incredible lengths our country goes to in order to find and identify remains of military members who are labeled M.I.A. (Missing In Action) These amazing, often hazardous searches are performed in our old war zones and fields of combat by an organization known as DPAA: "Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency", whose motto is "Fulfilling our nation's promise". 

This film is in post-production. Please check back regularly or subscribe for updates at the bottom of this page.

Agent Of Death

This compelling drama follows Robert Elliott, who was the third man in history to use electricity to send condemned criminals to their deaths. Even while serving as executioner, he maintained a professional perspective, and alleged that he never casted any judgement on his subjects for their crimes, or accepted blame for his role in their punishment. 

Elliott was employed by six states along the eastern seaboard at the turn of the 19th century, executed 387 men and women in his career, and completed his gripping memoirs accounting this true story only three days before his own death. 

This feature film is in pre-production. Please check back regularly or subscribe for updates at the bottom of this page.

The Unknowns

Our first feature, this documentary was filmed from 2012, and reveals the deeper meaning and true purpose of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, while dispelling myths and shattering misconceptions about the sacred shrine that have circulated since it's inception. 

'The Unknowns' was named 'Best Documentary' and earned the prestigious 'Van Gogh' Award in the 2017 Amsterdam Film Festival. 

The collectors edition is available on DVD, Blu-ray, or through digital download by clicking on the links below. The movie is also available through iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

The best of the best! Every American should see 'The Unknowns'. 

David N.

Extremely well done documentary!    I learned quite a bit. 

S. English

A fascinating look at some of the most dedicated soldiers.

L. Oakes

'The Unknowns' partners & project links

Brothers In Arms

Ethan and Neal have close friends with a shared dream of making feature films and entertaining the world with meaningful, original content since 2004, when they first met serving together in the U.S. Army in Washington D.C.

Living The Dream

After serving in the U.S. Army, the former Tomb Guards met up in Los Angeles, where they developed the idea for their first feature documentary 'The Unknowns'.

Honoring The Fallen

In 2012, the duo returned to Arlington National Cemetery, where they filmed the award winning documentary 'The Unknowns', in association with the U.S. Army, and the Society of the Honor Guard.

Carrying The Torch

Neal and Ethan are currently involved in writing and producing feature films, launching scripted television shows, and creating 360° virtual reality videos.